Regardless of your goal; weight loss, smoking, stress, or even excessive drinking, the real challenge is change itself; trying to do something differently and keeping it that way. The stopping part is easy; staying there is what it’s all about.
Overweight people can sift through dozens of options before settling on a diet that seems right. Once the decision is made and a target weight is selected, the dieting game begins.
Initially the scale shows progress and for some dieters the target weight is eventually achieved. Once this is accomplished the diet is viewed as a success, but unfortunately for most, success is short lived.
If dieting really worked then why are there so many diets to choose from? The sad truth is that nearly all diets fail, which is why everyone scrambles to the next one desperate to crack the code, while the dieting industry laughs all the way to the bank.
What if excess weight isn’t the real problem at all? What if the weight was actually the symptom of the problem? It’s not until we consider how patterns are formed and become rooted, can we establish sustained success.
Think of a diet as a temporary, conscious level change, with a pattern that is rooted on a much deeper level. Intellectually, or consciously, you know what you should do, you know the right foods to eat, and the importance of embracing an active lifestyle in order to live a trim healthy life, but it doesn’t matter. Once unhealthy habits are locked in place it is very difficult to change.
Anything done frequently enough becomes a rooted pattern and these roots reside in the hard drive, the subconscious mind. We have patterns of action, thought, and emotion. Initially a student has great difficult playing a simple scale on a piano, but with practice or repetition fingers fall into place as the new melodic pattern becomes rooted.
Another example is smoking. Every smoker knows that smoking cigarettes can be a deadly proposition. The problem is the pattern. Each puff reinforces the smoking pattern to get longer and stronger. After many years of repetition you have one deeply rooted problem that defies rational logic.
Hypnotherapy gives you access to the hard drive and the ability to take control from within.  Creative suggestions supporting preferred solutions are planted like seeds of healthy change.
Clients then take the same approach with the solution that created the problem…repetition. My clients receive an MP3 of each hypnotherapy session and by investing a couple of months of daily ‘brain training’ new patterns grow long healthy roots of their own.
by: Paul Gustafson RN CH
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Paul Gustafson RN CH

paul gustafsonA Boston area Hypnotherapist, with 10 years of medical experience as an RN, Paul has been helping clients since 2001 to overcome everyday challenges. Read more
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