Surgical Success Hypnosis Program

When you are mentally prepared for surgery there are fewer complications, less medication, and experience more rapid healing. Ths surgical success hypnosis program can help. [contact]

With access to the subconscious, hypnotherapy enhances mind-body connection, resulting in an optimal surgical transition.

Paul Gustafson RN CH offers a 3 session surgical success hypnosis program preparing you for a comfortable surgery.


“I had to have a lung removed because of cancer I was terrified. After my sessions I was calm and confident for surgery. I went home earlier than expected with no complications. Paul is amazing.” (C.C. Melrose, MA)

Program includes:

  • Introduction to self-hypnosis
  • MP3 of each session
  • Session 1: Cut the connection to surgical fear and worry
  • Session 2: Prepare for smooth surgical transition
  • Session 3: Comfortably get through surgery

You receive an audio intro prior to initial appointment and an MP3 of each session. You will also learn how to do self-hypnosis which significantly enhances your overall success. [contact]

Cost: $525

(Save $75 by paying with cash or check on initial office visit)