(Posted on Natural News)
#1: Why does the cancer industry refuse to educate people about cancer  prevention?
#2: If people keep donating money  for the “search” for a cancer cure, why won’t  drug companies pledge to “open source” their patents on cancer  drugs to benefit the people whose donations funded them in the first place?  In other words, why do people donate money for cancer research but then get charged for cancer drugs?
#3: Why does the entire cancer  industry so strongly dissuade people from using sunlight exposure  to dramatically reduce their cancer risk?  (Hint: Follow the money to the sunscreen  industry)
#4: Why have all the really good cancer supplements, clinics  and naturopaths been banned, arrested or run out of the country? (Look up the  FDA’s oppression of Lane Labs over MGN-3 for a fascinating review of  this)
#5: The U.S. has poured billions of dollars into the cancer  industry over the last three decades. Cancer cures  were promised in the 1970’s. Why are cancer  rates still essentially the same today as they were in the  1970’s?
#6: Why does the cancer industry continue to use chemotherapy,  radiation and other toxic  procedures to “kill tumors” when the latest science  clearly shows that cancer tumors are only the symptoms, not the cause,  of cancer? Chemotherapy destroys immune function and causes  permanent damage to the heart, brain and liver.
#7: The World Health  Organization says that 70% of all cancers are easily preventable through dietary  and lifestyle changes. This latest research shows that sunlight and low-cost  calcium supplements can slash cancer risk by 77% in women.  Why won’t conventional medicine embrace this low-cost, safe and highly effective  method for preventing  cancer?
#8: The cancer industry routinely attacks anti-cancer herbs, superfoods and  supplements. Why is the cancer industry opposed to anti-cancer nutrition?  Why does it believe that only man, not nature, can manufacture anti-cancer  medicines?
#9: Dark skin pigmentation blocks ultraviolet radiation,  meaning that people with black skin need far more time under the sun to generate  the same amount of vitamin D as someone with white skin. Not surprisingly, black  women suffer extremely high rates of breast  cancer while black men show similarly high levels of prostate cancer. The  white-dominated medical industry pretends to be “mystified” by all this. Why  won’t conventional medicine simple tell black people the truth about vitamin D,  skin pigmentation and cancer? Why do oncologists try to keep black people  ignorant about their vitamin D deficiencies?
#10:  Why is it illegal for nutritional supplement  manufacturers to tell the truth about the anti-cancer effects of their products?  Broccoli, garlic, onions and sprouts all have powerful anti-cancer effects, as  do dozens of rainforest herbs  (Cat’s Claw, for example), Chinese herbs  and Western herbs. But the  FDA threatens and censors any company that dares to mention cancer  prevention on its supplement products. Why is the FDA  enforcing a policy of nutritional ignorance with U.S. consumers? Why does  the federal government  want people to remain ignorant of methods for preventing or treating  cancer?
You probably already know the answer to all these questions,  because the answer is the same for each one: Corporate profits. Cancer is  hugely profitable to treat. Substantially preventing cancer would result in a  loss of billions of dollars in profits for the oncologists, drug companies, hospitals and clinics that  currently prey upon the finances of cancer victims.
The cancer industry  is operated like a criminal racket, using false information,  intimidation, political pressure and propaganda  to protect its power base and keep its corporations profitable. And that, my  friends, is exactly why the industry is against the use of sunlight to prevent  cancer. Free medicine from the sky? The very thought of it makes the cancer  industry cringe. Sunlight doesn’t even need a prescription, you see, and it  can’t be patented, either.
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