Pick the right practitioner: Do your research, inquire about his or her training and certification. Also inquire about contacting past clients. Having confidence in your hypnotherapist matters.

Be ready for change: Open-minded clients who are consistent with the process typically do well.

Teamwork is best approach: You and your practitioner form a goal-specific collaboration. For optimum results you need to be an eager participant to the process.

Listen by not listening: Allowing your thoughts to freely float and drift during a session actually sets the stage for a deeper, more meaningful experience.

You’re the boss of you: You are in control of the experience; how deeply relaxed into hypnosis you go and whether or not you accept the suggestions of the practitioner. A hypnotherapist works with you to offer suggestions supporting your specific goals.

Hypnosis happens everyday: Hypnosis is a state of mind we all experience when we zone out and get lost in our thoughts. These are moments when the subconscious mind is more open and receptive to helpful guidance and support.

No guarantees: The hypnotherapist has no control over how open and accepting an individual might be to enter into hypnosis; how motivated he or she is to accomplish their goal and how committed they are to listen to reinforcement sessions at home.

Enjoy the journey: Hypnotherapy is an enjoyably relaxing process. Its easy to do, it feels really good, and with consistency healthy change is usually the result.