My 4 session virtual gastric band weight loss program not only offers a unique option to traditional dieting, but also a very interesting hypnotic application that is as enjoyable as it is effective.

Session one focuses on releasing the past and preparing for healthy change. Nearly all of my weight loss clients have been wrestling with their problem for years. Hypnotic release therapy techniques can be extremely powerful, instantly changing ones perspective from struggle to the anticipation of success.

This session also prepares clients for imaginary surgery, which is session two. They are guided through imaginary pre-op testing such as lab work and x-rays; they also meet with a nutritionist as well as their surgeon. At the conclusion of this session most clients feel liberated and refreshed, as though they finally have a choice.

Session two is the surgery session which includes all the sounds of the operating room. With the benefit of Bose noise cancelling headphones and a digital sound system, clients are guided into deep hypnosis and are then transported through an imaginary procedure making it much easier to lose weight.

The imaginative subconscious mind fills in the details with vivid imagery and sensations of the real thing. In fact, a small percentage of individuals actually experience a slight abdominal twinge lending a sense of realism to the process.

Session three mirrors what occurs after real-life gastric band surgery; clients get their gastric band tightened.  This session offers another layer of
personal control which makes it easier for clients to succeed with their weight loss goals. Real-life gastric bands can easily be adjusted with a saline syringe, which is what clients are guided to imagine during hypnosis.

Session four supports enhanced confidence and eagerly seeking out healthy nutritional options. It helps clients become more aware of how they feel while eating so they can conclude mealtime when comfortable not full. It also suggests that mealtime be an uninterrupted endeavor; no texting, twitter, or television.

Most clients are pleasantly surprised by how they are easily able to establish healthy nutritional changes. After years of struggling with dieting, this program offers struggle-free, comfortable change. Clients feel as though they are trading-up to preferred options and activities that support what they want.

by: Paul Gustafson RN CH

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