Meditation is not a mysterious other worldly experience only achieved by Tibetan monks, but rather a simple technique enabling us to visit the same peaceful state of mind we all naturally slide in and out of every day.
Think of meditation as a daydream-on-demand.

A daydream moment is when the subconscious stretches its legs, becoming a bit more active. Common everyday examples would be when we become engrossed in a good movie or zoning out during a long drive.

Meditation reduces stress, improves sleep quality and overall health, slows aging process, balances emotions, enhances our mood and makes us happier. My clients learn that hypnosis is goal-oriented meditation. Once guided into meditation they receive suggestions supporting positive change.

5 Steps to meditation:

  • Sit comfortably in a quiet location
  • Eyes closed take 6 deep breaths and focus on chest expanding and relaxing
  • Then breathe normally and imagine inhaling relaxation for 6 more breaths
  • For the next 6 breaths imagine the inhaled relaxation starts to accumulate
  • Now with 6 exhaled breaths imagine releasing all stress, worry or concern

Once you have established this peaceful moment you can calmly plan out your day, work out challenging situations or simply enjoy the moment. People who routinely meditate are consistently more relaxed, grounded and less affected by the pace of day-to-day life.

By: Paul Gustafson RN CH