Get things done: Many spend so much time focused on what needs to be done, nothing is accomplished.  Hypnosis not only helps individuals experience satisfaction with even the smallest step forward but also offers a view into their clutter-free future. It’s a simple process of spending more time thinking envisioning what you want than what you struggle with.

Get over a relationship: Hypnosis helps you release the unpleasant past and enhance new enthusiasm about the days to come. It doesn’t erase the past it just helps you focus more of what you want than what you previously struggled with. It is the best re frame tool there is.

Find a fulfilling career: Hypnosis creates a sense of calm, centered peacefulness. From such clarity of thought comes new confidence and creativity. Rather than feeling trapped and powerless individuals using hypnosis see opportunity and freedom.

Don’t sweat the small stuff: We are all creatures of habit, both of action and thought.  Even patterns of simple worry can become rooted and automatic. I see many clients overwhelmed by an array of simple concerns that just pile up to the point of effecting quality of life. Hypnosis offers a refreshingly rapid disconnect from these concerns.

Have more fun: Every client leaves my office with a smile because of the wonderful cathartic qualities of hypnosis. It creates a sense of unexpected freedom and relief and with repetition becomes the rule rather then the exception.  Those who routinely enjoy this peaceful process laugh more and find more ways to add joy and fulfillment top their lives.

By: Paul Gustafson RN CH