Hypnotherapy is an incredibly adaptive tool which can be used in many ways and offers relief for many of life’s daily challenges. My typical work week involves a wide array of clients with unique needs, and this week is no different.

Here is a brief run down: a landlord is overwhelmed with the stress in dealing with tenants and vandalism; a hard working mom, who is a recovering alcoholic, wants to quit smoking; an IT professional wants help with tinnitus; a high school senior is having difficulty with stress/insomnia; a blue-collar dad wants to reduce stress and the criticism of his children; a healthcare professional wants to lose weight and control alcohol use; a psychologist struggles with his weight; a husband and wife, who drive a considerable distance, also create healthier eating patterns; and a woman with advanced Parkinson’s Syndrome struggles with anxiety and pain.

Through hypnotherapy, all of these clients learn how to establish emotional separation from their problems, and how to create liberating images and emotions supporting healthy change. For many, the disconnect from the difficult past can be palpable. The process of creating sustained relief involves listening to sessions daily at home. Repetition created problems, so we take the same approach with the solution. I recommend three months of brain-training, going to the mental gym.

By: Paul Gustafson RN CH