Don’t believe the packaging or the slick adverts, e-cigarettes are not the solution to your smoking problem. In fact, a new study goes so far as to say quite the opposite – they are a gateway to further nicotine addiction. There are, however, potential solutions out there which can replace both patches and e-cigarettes by building your mental fortitude and resilience to overcome cravings and live a healthier life.

The theory is simple. Electronic cigarette producers and proponents suggest that these are ideal devices for slowly weaning yourself off nicotine. Smokers still get a fix, but with reduced health risks and reduced amounts of nicotine. This, however, requires a huge amount of willpower and discipline to slowly cut intake until the smoker is able to quit entirely.

 Reality of E-Cigarettes

According to a study tracking cancer patients trying to quit smoking noted by Medical News Today, e-cigarette users were more nicotine dependent than nonusers. The report, while suspect to some, has been used to encourage oncologists to not recommend e-cigarettes or vapes to patients. UK Professors, Peter Hajek and Robert West have disagreed with the study’s findings due to a high dropout rate of participants.

However, other studies have shown e-cigarettes to be harmful. The FDA is working to regulate e-cigarettes after medical studies determined that even though so-called vapes produce a nicotine vapor, smokers still inhale harmful substances and potential carcinogens. If we go back to the original, controversial study, one thing it does prove is that those who enroll in a 6-12 month cessation plan usually fail; especially if it involves nicotine replacement products such as patches and e-cigarettes.

Hypnotherapy is More Effective Than E-Cigarettes

What should be taken from these studies is that any kind of nicotine is addictive and potentially harmful. Those looking to quit smoking, no matter their health, should look for nicotine-free solutions. Psychological counseling is one option and another is smoking cessation through hypnosis.

Hypnosis works through altering a person’s state of awareness so they appear to be in a trance or even asleep. By influencing a person’s thought process and awareness, hypnotherapy is able to reduce pain, help with weight issues, and quit smoking. If you have tried many alternatives or want a nicotine free way to quit the habit, get in touch – it might change your life!

By: Phoebe Parlade