You have been struggling to take control of your healthy fitness for a long time. Perhaps you even feel powerless to change. You have experienced all of the frustration and disappointment that comes from dieting.

You already know that dieting doesn’t work. If it did why would there be hundreds of diets to choose from? The reason it always fails is simple, dieting only focuses on the symptom instead of the problem.

The real problem is not what the scale says but rather how we think and what we most frequently think about. Dieting makes as much sense as surgeon treating appendicitis with only pain medicine or a gardener weeding a garden by trimming the weeds at ground level.

Hypnosis works because it gives you access to the hard drive, the subconscious, where behavior originates. Hypnosis gives you the unique ability to use your imagination to design how you look.

Hypnosis was approved by the AMA back in 1958. It has been scientifically researched for decades and consistent results support it as a legitimate tool empowering individuals to establish positive healthy change in their lives.

This uniquely effective gastric band hypnosis program puts you on the fast track to lasting fitness success. It is so effective because it powerfully blends the quick-fix success offered by real life gastric band surgery with the creative qualities of hypnosis.

By imagining with hypnosis that you have undergone gastric band surgery your inner thoughts begin to make changes with the choices you make. You comfortably start eating less and weighing less.

You are also guided to begin creating thoughts and images of the new fit healthy you. This positive approach helps you to begin anticipating and expecting the fitness success you desire. You have tried everything else now it is time to try hypnosis.

By: Paul Gustafson RN CH