Hypnosis is the simple, enjoyable way to establish positive lasting change in your life. All change starts with a simple thought and hypnosis transforms positive thoughts into action. All it takes for success is to have an open mind, and the desire to create positive change.

Hypnosis accesses the powerful subconscious mind where all habits and patterns reside. It is repetition that creates lasting life-long patterns. It doesn’t matter if the pattern is good or bad; with repetition it becomes automatically rooted.

Over time, patterns develop deep roots that are long and strong. Hypnosis is the only technique that can pull these unwanted patterns out by the root. And because the imagination is in the subconscious you can create visions of success. It is these visions and sensations of success which guide inner thoughts toward new goals.

Nearly everyone can hear and remember all that is said to them during a hypnosis session. However, some go so deeply into the subconscious realm that they may not consciously be aware of segments of the session. There also can be many interesting physical sensations of the hypnosis experience.

Some individuals experience the weight of hypnosis, as though they are sinking into the surface beneath them. Many hypnosis clients lose awareness of their physical body’s altogether. Sensations of warmth or tingling in the extremities are also very common sensations.

Overall hypnosis is a thoroughly enjoyable experience for most individuals. It not only opens the door to tremendous positive life change but it also helps us to become more centered, calm, and focused on what is most important in our lives.

By: Paul Gustafson RN CH