Hypnosis offers such a quick disconnect effect. I see so many clients who enter the office with the weight of the world on their shoulders. The don’t know me, they have never been to my office, and most know nothing about hypnosis besides the entertainment side of the field.

My initial approach is to let them tell their story. I certainly need to gather pertinent information so I can assist them but this also helps them begin the process of separating themselves from their problems, which is crucial. The cathartic relief clients experience by simply offloading their ‘junk’ helps them to relax and the process also helps in developing rapport, they feel supported and begin to see me as someone who genuinely cares.

At the conclusion of the session I ask each client if they feel disconnected from the problems and concerns that burdened them upon arrival and most readily agree. This is a pivotal moment in their transition to success with their goal. The disconnect from their problematic past is palpable. Intellectually they recall the problems but clients no longer feel its effect.  Responses to this freedom range from smiles to laughter, and on occasion, tears of joy.

By: Paul Gustafson RN CH