I am often asked by clients “what if I can’t be hypnotized?” To that I say, if you think the notion of deep euphoric relaxation is at all appealing, and you have a genuine desire to establish positive change, then sliding into hypnosis couldn’t be easier.

During our initial discussion I normalize hypnosis to my clients. I help them understand that it is just a deep daydream state. I also make the transition into the formal session comfortable by first guiding the client through the process of doing self-hypnosis, where the individual begins the process of relaxation all on their own.  At the conclusion of self-hypnosis I simply suggest that they continue to enjoy the peaceful state they created as I guide them into the formal session of the day.

I would guess that 90% of my clients have never experienced hypnosis before. They come in for their first session not knowing anything about the process, they have never been to my office, and have never met before. In fact, most clients schedule their sessions via email or text so we don’t even have the opportunity to speak prior to their first visit. Inspite of all this the overwhelming majority of my clients have a wonderful experience.

By: Paul gustafson RN CH