A 28yo client, Jerry, had interesting results from his hypnosis experience. His primary complaint was nail biting which had been a problem for as long as he could remember.  Jerry worked in a casino and had to present himself in a professional manner and his gruesome looking fingernails definitely did not add to his appearance.

He also wanted to be less ridged with his nutritional choices. This was becoming such a problem that it caused him embarrassment in social settings. There had been recent pressure to change as he was in a new relationship and it was getting serious. He didn’t know why he was like this and hoped hypnosis might help.

Lastly, Jerry had difficulty sleeping because of his erratic work schedule and was hoping the meditative qualities of hypnosis would help him get more quality sleep.
He came for 3 office visits and on the 3rd Jerry showed up with a day planner notebook in hand. It had been 2 weeks since his second session and he carefully documented what he had accomplished.

Before opening the book he showed me his fingernails. He was unaware that fully grown nails had a white band along the top edge. He was surprised and very proud that he too had white bands on his nails.

Referring to his planner, Jerry recounted all of the new entrees he tried and how he enjoyed most of them. He especially liked sea bass. His girlfriend was taking an active role in introducing Jerry to a wide variety of cuisine which made it easier for him to experiment.

Jerry also documented his new workout schedule and how this combined with hypnosis had significantly improved his sleep quality. Even though his schedule is still crazy he maximizes his sleep time and feels much more refreshed and energized.

Jerry was thrilled with his results. Like most, he had no experience with hypnotherapy but clearly excelled with each of his goals. He planned to continue listening to the MP3 recordings of his sessions for at least 3 months ensuring lasting success.

By: Paul Gustafson RN CH