Regression hypnosis is one of the most fascinating applications because it is the gateway to profound clarity of prior times in our current lives, and can also productively detail times events of past lives, depending on the values of the client. The primary clinical benefit of regression hypnosis is to assist individuals to go back in time, to resolve the point of origin of the problem.

For example, a client presented with unrelenting leg pain which did not respond to medical treatment. During a regression session, he journeyed to a prior life where he suffered traumatic injury requiring amputation of the leg. The reason he likely carried the pain today was that he never learned the lesson the event was intended to teach him in the first place.

During a regression session it is helpful to explore the events of that day, what surrounded the incident emotionally, to help the client understand what transpired. Then, with a better sense of the past, I helped the client encapsulate the past moment from his current life. It can be as simple as cutting an imaginary cord, snapping the client forward into a life free of the burden of the past.

Throughout our current and past lives we can get stuck in emotional potholes. Hypnosis is an extremely productive tool enabling an individual to learn what needs releasing or repairing. Clients suffering for decades can walk out of the office after one regression session feeling completely free. A recent example of the mainstreaming of hypnosis came in May of 2008. Oprah Winfrey did a whole program on regression hypnosis with renowned hypnotist Brian Weiss, M.D.

For those not comfortable with the concept of regression hypnosis it is helpful to know that there are many techniques which offer similar freedom from the unproductive past that can be accomplished in the here and now.

By: Paul Gustafson RN CH