Do you know anyone who permanently fixed a weight problem with a diet? It’s never happened. Why are there dozens of diets to choose from? If diets actually worked shouldn’t there only be a few to choose from? 85% of my hypnosis practice involves helping people with weight loss. People are finally realizing that dieting is a scam; it’s a temporary fix to a long-term problem.  

I know it’s hard to imagine but there was a time, before diets, gyms and fast food even existed. Back then the majority of the population was mostly fit, healthy and trim. People ate simple, real food and grocery stores were small and food was locally produced. It’s called a balanced, active healthy lifestyle, that’s the way life used to be for most people.

The world changed dramatically after World War II. Food became manufactured and chemically processed so it could be shipped globally. In the 1950’s junk-food dealers started peddling their wares on every corner and the television advertising bombardment began. We never stood a chance.

Just because it is sold in supermarkets doesn’t mean we should be eating it. The next time you notice an obese shopper at the check-out line see what’s in their cart, then glance at the person, then look at your cart. Many of my clients have been shocked to see the similarity in choices.

I don’t teach nutrition to my weight loss clients. During deep hypnosis they routinely hear a new mantra: less food-less weight; less sugar-salt and fat; less meat-dairy and more plants. They also learn that weight is not the problem but rather the symptom. The problem is the pattern of thought, how we think and what we most frequently think about.

Routine hypnosis pulls unwanted patterns out by the root and replaces them with preferred alternatives. It also harnesses the imagination so clients can envision what they are going to look and feel like in the future. Rather than focusing on the problem they routinely hang out with the anticipation of success. My clients listen to their sessions daily for 2 months and most of them do really well. In fact, many have appeared on my TV show to share their success stories. Hypnosis is fast, easy, and effective.

By: Paul Gustafson RN CH