In 1990 I was in college and had to make a presentation. Public speaking had always paralyzed me with fear but there was no way around it this time. So I sought out a hypnotist and had 3 sessions. I did not know if it would really work until the day of the presentation. What a surprise. All the fear was gone and I was able to give my presentation without any problem at all.

At the conclusion there was even a light round of applause. I did not know if they were impressed with the content of my presentation or if they perhaps knew of my phobia, and were just glad to see me survive. In either case it was icing on the cake.

As a hypnotist I give presentations all the time and it is extra fulfilling to be able to help others overcome the same burden I once carried. I have assisted students in the same situation I was in, as well as high level corporate executives who tighten up in the conference room. I even had a physician who was terrified of speaking up at his weekly medical rounds.

By: Paul Gustafson RN CH