For 18 years I have heard how some people are not hypnotizable or that hypnosis just doesn’t work. This has not been my experience. First of all, effective hypnosis is a process of developing trust and co-operation. By establishing supportive rapport with clients have a much easier time.

If clients feel as though they are working with someone who genuinely cares about their situation they are more willing and able go into the flow of hypnosis. Most practitioners tend to just throw hypnosis at clients who aren’t ready to receive it.

Another important step is to explain the process, to help clients understand that hypnosis is a naturally deep daydream state of mind. By normalizing hypnosis in this way clients can relate to it more easily which ensures a more positive experience.

Lastly, by teaching clients how to do self-hypnosis prior to the formal hypnosis session, they easily slide into deeper hypnosis once the formal session begins.

I empower my clients to relax themselves with some simple breathing techniques and visualization. They are pleasantly surprised by how easy it is to do, which motivates them to continue listening to their MP3 sessions at home which supports lasting success with their goals.

I believe that anybody who wants to be hypnotized can be, it’s not a battle of wills. With a little listening, educating and simple instructions good things usually result.

By: Paul Gustafson RN CH