My smoking clients come for two office visits and a small percentage continue to smoke between visits, and those who do frequently comment on how horrible cigarettes taste.  Something they were never aware of becomes painfully obvious to the extent that many are embarrassed.

The subconscious mind, in its infinite wisdom, makes it easy for smokers to quit by changing how cigarette smoke smells.  Because quitting is something that they want to do, hypnosis guides the subconscious to make the transition comfortable.  Who would wonder do something that tastes so bad?

Clients become more aware of the stink of cigarette smoke on their clothing, in their hair, and in their automobiles.  In a matter of days they transition from not noticing the smell at all, to being repulsed by every aspect of smoking.

Hypnosis also enhances the individuals overall mindfulness.  Clients listen to sessions daily, and as a result they become much more aware of the health risks associated with smoking.  Prior to hypnosis they intellectually knew how unhealthy smoking is but after hypnosis that knowledge is taken to a much deeper level.  They go from knowing it to feeling it.

By: Paul Gustafson RN CH