Sharon was a 38 year old woman who came to me for alcohol abuse. She got married a few years ago and was trying to have a baby. After many years of being the ‘party girl’ she realized she had a drinking problem.

She had no previous hypnosis experience but she quickly got into it because of how relaxing it was. When she came back for her 2nd session, she reported listening to session 1 everyday at home and reduced her drinking by 50%.

When she came back for session 3 she reported only drinking once all week. She went out with work mates Friday night to a pub and over indulged. She spoke at length about how badly she felt all day Saturday. It wasn’t the hangover that bothered her but rather the anger and guilt that plagued her all day long. I asked if this was a usual ‘day after’ reflection to which she said no. She had never encountered this before.

Then she said she had a social event on Sunday where alcohol was involved. She explained how great a time she had not drinking. She was more engaged with her friends and remembered all the details of the event on Monday.

Tuesday she had an epiphany. Sharon always thought alcohol added to her life. While driving home from work that day she realized the opposite was more case. In just a couple of weeks of ‘brain training’ with hypnosis she re-framed her view of drinking and decided to trade-up to an alcohol-free life.

Hypnosis can quickly offer clarity of thought and an enhanced mindful life-perspective. Challenges once thought difficult or impossible to overcome can easily be accomplished. Sharon finished the 4 session program and checked in several months after her last office visit. She was still not drinking, she lost weight and was enjoying life more than she had in a long time.

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