Emetophobia relief

My first emetophobia (fear of vomiting) client, Amanda, was in 2010. She was a young mother of an infant child and had been experiencing the fear of vomiting for many years. After finally confiding with her primary physician, she was referred for hypnotherapy. Amanda had no experience with hypnosis but was desperate for relief.

Hypnosis is powerfully relaxing, and helps individuals to tap into an open, receptive level of thought.  Once clients are guided into this meditative bliss they receive direct or indirect suggestions as well as metaphors and creative imagery supporting relief of irrational fear.

Individuals struggling with extreme levels of worry, stress, or fear tend to do really well with hypnosis, and this was the case with Amanda.  After the initial session, she described a refreshing emotional separation, as though there was now emotional distance between how she felt at the conclusion of the session compared to before. Throughout the course of her remaining two office visits this emotional distance increased and Amanda was able to gradually become more involved in her child’s care and was not preoccupied with vomiting.

Months later, Amanda graciously agreed to appear on my TV show and I posted a short clip of her interview on my website. That video has touched the lives of many. In the last 5 years I have not only helped dozens of local clients with this emetophobia, but there have also been many not so local clients who benefited as well.

I created a long-distance program that extends the same in-office experience Amanda had to those across the country. In fact, Amanda has offered to contact these individuals to support them through the process. Emetophobia is a devastating phobia which significantly affects the quality of life. As a Consulting Hypnotist and a Registered Nurse I have been greatly fulfilled to be able to offer this relief to my clients.

I will close with a heartwarming example of a family desperate for relief. A family from Albany, NY saw Amanda’s video online and immediately contacted me. Initially, because of the geographical limitations, I suggested the long-distance approach, but they preferred the same experience that Amanda received. They spent 6 hours on the road for each office visit and at the time of this writing the young woman from New York is doing very well.

By: Paul Gustafson RN CH