Hypnosis tames tinnitus

One of the more unique applications of hypnosis is helping individuals deal with the annoyance of tinnitus (ringing ears). I became interested in this type of hypnosis because of my own struggle with tinnitus, and how there is no effective medical treatment available.

Harnessing the creative imagination with hypnosis opens up all sorts of relief possibilities. My clients are guided during hypnosis to imagine control dials regulating the pitch and volume of the sound.
They are also asked to consider situations such as the sound of a neighbor’s lawnmower on a summer day.

They can obviously hear it clearly if they choose, but if they are engrossed in a good book at the same time, the lawnmower sound completely disappears.

Even though tinnitus is quite real, caused neurologically, or by illness or trauma, how we choose to perceive it plays a big role in how it effects are daily lives. Hypnosis is a great tool that makes this possible.

By: Paul Gustafson RN CH