This was forwarded to me today, I hope you like it.:

“I was talking to my neighbor in the driveway the other day and he mentioned something in conversation that caught my attention. He said that he thinks strangers have started smiling at him more often than they used to. He said people rarely made eye contact with him and didn’t seem very friendly… until recently. He said he couldn’t believe how a simple smile from a stranger could warm his heart, and wondered if the world had become a kinder place. Then he caught his reflection in the car mirror and nodded with satisfaction, almost as if he had solved an intricate puzzle. He had been smiling during our entire conversation without even knowing it. ”

“Here’s the way I see it: People are like mirrors. We reflect each others attitudes, love, and passion for life. Just remember, if your business needs help reflecting its personality with promotional materials that shine, we’re just a phone call away!”