1) All hypnosis is the same: Hypnosis is all about rapport, listening to the clients concerns and explaining the process to develop trust and put the client at ease. I email clients an audio file so they come in with an idea of who I am and what to expect. Those who have had prior experience with hypnosis usually mention the variation in style between practitioners.

2) Subliminal messages work: Subliminal Ads involve messages that you can’t hear. Common sense says they shouldn’t work, and there’s no research proving that they do.

3) Some people can’t be hypnotized: The only reason someone can’t be hypnotized is if the individual chooses not to or is incapable of following simple instructions. In over 20 years as a hypnotist I have experienced this only a couple of times which was when I was knew to the field and inexperienced.

4) Hypnosis is for the weak minded: Hypnosis was accepted by the AMA as a legitimate adjunct modality in 1958 so we are decades past the debate as to whether it is ‘real’ or not. The only debate that exists is if it is right for the individual. I see clients from all walks of life from executives terrified of giving presentations in the board room to physicians and lawyers fearful of passing exams and to truck drivers wanting to quit smoking. These days everyone is learning about the power of thought and how hypnosis is the best tool to get the job done.

5) One relinquishes free will with hypnosis: I’m happy to report I never hear concerns from clients about this ridiculous relic originating from the early 20th century. There are decades of scientific research validating the healing power of thought. Hypnosis is not the process of relinquishing control but rather tapping into powerful inner resources individuals were previously unaware of.

By: Paul Gustafson RN CH