The most effective way to help clients succeed is to frame it in such an appealing way that there seems to be no other choice. Hypnosis taps into the imagination where individuals are guided to not only release the unproductive past, but to also anticipate success. It is so much easier when you feel as though you are simply trading-up to something better.

This can be so effective that many weight loss clients feel lighter before the scale shows any change. Prior to hypnosis their only approach to solving their problem was to obsess about it, figure it out, or out smart it. Hypnosis releases the battle and connects you to the fast track to success. In fact, many of my weight loss clients have said they felt lighter after the initial session.

Once the shift is initiated, the next step is to repeat the hypnotic solution frequently enough to support lasting success. If repetition creates problems then why not use the same approach to establish solutions. Clients receive a high quality recording of each session and my prescription is to ‘press play once a day’.

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