Diets address the symptom not the problem. It’s not the weight but how we think that needs to be fixed. Diets are an intellectual, conscious level approach to problems which are rooted in the subconscious. It would be like just trimming back the weeds in your garden rather than pulling them out by the root. It would look good for a while but soon they grow back again.

The goal in dieting is the target weight. The hop on the scale daily obsessed with the numbers they see. They deny themselves what they want, to achieve temporary relief from the symptom of the problem. Once the artificial goal is achieved they believe the problem is fixed. It is like repairing a flat tire by just adding more air.

Hypnosis is the language of the mind. It directs the subconscious to release unhealthy patterns and initiate preferred changes. For the same reason smokers quit without withdrawal, hypnosis helps individuals comfortably choose the path to lasting fitness. [more]