Paul Gustafson, R.N., C.H. has been a clinical hypnotherapist for over 12 years and up until 2011 he routinely saw clients for an array of problems including smoking, stress, fear, pain, confidence, IBS and weight. Since then his efforts have become unexpectedly specialized.
By the end of 2010, Paul started to research a new trend in weight loss hypnosis which involved suggesting to the hypnotized client that he or she had undergone gastric band surgery. This approach proved to be an effective way to become more mindfully aware of healthier food choices, and to also reduce the volume of food consumed, resulting in comfortable weight loss.
Paul started designing a four session gastric band weight loss hypnosis program. His 10 years as a registered nurse really paid off as he was able to convey a sense of medical reality within the hypnosis experience. Even though the client certainly understands he or she did not really have surgery, the process seems to make the transition to fitness so much easier.
In addition to his medical experience, Paul’s program also benefitted from his past experience as a writer/musician. With an array of digital recording equipment he created an audio backdrop heightening the overall hypnosis experience. Wearing noise-cancelling headphones, you will experience a blend of voice, music and even the detailed sounds of the operating room.
The gastric band weight loss surgery hypnosis session, which is the second of four in the program, includes time in the pre-op area where you are guided to imagine receiving calming medication, just as those in real-life surgical situations would receive.
Once you are rolled into the imaginary operating room you hear typical operating room sounds including the beeping of the heart monitor, the sounds of surgical instruments being manipulated, and even the sound of the hospital intercom system in the distance. Once prepared for imaginary surgery, the anesthesiologist administers a mild general anesthesia which guides you into an even more blissful state of hypnosis.
The entire session is only 20 minutes long, but because hypnosis creates a timeless perception, and it is suggested how long each part of the surgery takes, you will feel as though the process was much longer. This altered sense of time lends credence to the perception, at some level, that something real may have occurred.
Paul’s gastric band weight loss program also offers individuals several levels of fitness control. In session one you have the opportunity to sever connections to past unhealthy nutritional patterns and are also guided to imagine going through pre-operative lab work, x-rays, meeting with a nutritionist and to also envision the surgeon in any way you choose. Session two is the gastric band surgery. In session three, as in real-life, you have the opportunity to get the gastric band adjusted, and session four offers a creative way to enhance your overall fitness confidence.
This program not only uses the concept of an imaginary gastric band but its primary theme supports healthy, balanced living. You are offered routine suggestions supporting less meat, dairy, sugar, salt, and fat, and to also seek out more plant-based whole food alternatives. This program also supports an active enjoyable lifestyle.
Hypnosis also offers an overall increased mindfulness. You will comfortably shift from being controlled by impulse and obsession to thoughtful choice and action. By relaxing so profoundly on a daily basis you become much more aware of your physical self, and the nutritional choices that support lasting fitness.
Hypnosis creates a linear connection between you of today and the enhanced fit version of you to come. You have the unique opportunity to envision yourself as being healthfully fit in every way. This practice guides inner thought to begin supporting what is most routinely imagined, which is why lifestyle changes with hypnosis are usually easy to accomplish.
In life we follow the path of our most dominant thoughts. Hypnosis offers you a wonderful opportunity to harness your thoughts and take control from within. There is none of the dieting dilemma and you never feel as though you are denying yourself what you want.
The reason traditional dieting consistently fails is because it only treats the symptom.  Pounds are not the problem; it is the pattern of thought that needs to be addressed, how we think and what we most frequently think about. Using a diet to fix obesity is like a gardener trimming the weeds at ground level, looks great for a while but they soon grow back.
With access to the hard drive, or subconscious mind, hypnosis quickly pulls problem patterns out by the root. You are then guided to imagine scenarios supporting what they want, and with repetition these values grow long healthy roots of their own, thoughts become things.
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