Life is a long string of choices and how we imagine ourselves strongly influences the choices we make. The only limitations are those we self-impose. A phrase from the popular DVD The Secret sums it up perfectly, “thoughts become things.” If our most predominant thoughts are based in stress, frustration, disappointment and failure then that is what we should expect in our lives. How we think and what we think shapes our world.

Hypnosis is a simple tool enabling you to powerfully harness your thoughts and accomplish dramatic positive change. By constantly imagining what you want, how it is going to look and imaging how the joy will feel you are programming your subconscious to initiate the inner changes supporting your goal.

I had a client who became fearful of driving. Over a period of three years she drove less and less. She constantly focused on the irrational fear and began to see herself not being able to drive, which is exactly what happened. Over time she became more adept envisioning and feeling her fear. During our initial conversation she went into explicit detail about her problem and became emotional in the process.

During the hypnosis session I guided her along an imaginary drive in the country, something she used to enjoy. Then her drive led her home which was in the city. During hypnosis she was able to reconnect with what she used to enjoy about driving, the independence, control and the destinations she chose.

At the conclusion of the hypnosis session she was surprised to say that the thought of driving home that day seemed okay to her. Intellectually she remembered the problem of the past but for that moment in time she had a new vision. She saw herself as a confident driver. In twenty minutes she re framed her view of the situation to the point she felt ready to drive again.

Most of problems people encounter are the result of unproductive repetition of thought. Like anything else, if we do it enough it gets easy and automatic. This is true in athletics, academics, auto repair and fishing. We are creatures of habit, if we habitually consider positive situations and experiences that’s what we should expect.

By: Paul Gustafson RN CH