Can Weight Loss Be Achieved Through Hypnotherapy? Many of us struggle to lose weight through traditional dieting, but could hypnotherapy for weight loss provide the solution we’re looking for?

We all know that being overweight can be bad for your health, increasing the risk of serious conditions such as Type 2 Diabetes, cancer, stroke and cardiovascular disease, but, as the statistics show, losing weight isn’t always as easy as it sounds. So, what are our options when traditional dieting lets us down?

For a growing number of people, the answer lies in a slightly unconventional but increasingly popular dieting method – hypnotherapy for weight loss. But what exactly is hypnotherapy for weight loss, and does it actually work?

Mind over matter

The human brain is a powerful tool, and weight loss hypnotherapy aims to harness this power to help clients to think themselves thin and achieve meaningful and long-lasting weight loss.

The treatment centers around visualization – a process that is proven to have a noticeable physical impact on the body. For example, when we think about something upsetting or stressful, our bodies release adrenaline and tense up, whereas, if we visualize a pleasant and relaxing scenario, we find that our muscles relax automatically.

With hypnotherapy for weight loss, clients are walked through a number of visualization techniques, which can help to re-calibrate the signals that control digestion and feelings of fullness.

The treatment culminates with clients being taken through the visualization process of getting a gastric band fitted – offering them the benefits of surgery without going under the knife.

Tackling the root causes

However, hypnotherapy for weight loss involves a lot more than just visualization techniques.  There can be many complex issues underlying a person’s weight gain, and it is these issues that weight loss hypnosis aims to identify and resolve.

By combining traditional hypnotherapy with Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Neurolinguistic Programming, and other recognized counselling techniques, therapists are able to tackle the root cause of the problem, supporting clients to retrain their cognitive thinking and develop a healthier relationship with food and eating.

Long-term lifestyle change

What makes weight loss hypnotherapy so effective is that it takes a holistic approach, targeting a long-term lifestyle change rather than a short-term weight loss that is impossible to maintain for any significant length of time.

Weight problems are treated as a psychological rather than solely physical issue and, when combined with follow-up diet and nutrition advice, this empowers clients to make permanent, healthy changes to their lifestyle and achieve their weight-loss goals.

A safe solution

As with any diet, the amount of weight lost will vary from person to person, but research has shown that weight loss hypnotherapy can be a hugely effective treatment, with some clients reporting losses of 100 pounds, while others have lost over half of their body weight!

If you’re struggling to lose weight and are looking for a safe and effective alternative to gastric band surgery, hypnotherapy for weight loss could be the solution you’re looking for.

By: Women Fitness Magazine