“Paul is a wonderful hypnotherapist who takes a unique and sustainable approach of teaching us to be self-practitioners through self-hypnosis and breath-work, coupled with having us play the sessions he curates and records. It’s truly a low-hurdle, low-effort, high-impact, longitudinal treatment that rewires our subconscious on a daily basis. He and the client are a team, working together to heal from all angles. Paul is highly effective at getting all types of people with different personalities, tendencies, and constitutions into a deep, relaxed, meditative state where the real work can take place! Thanks Paul for a great experience, and I’ll continue listening to the recordings and meditating for months (or years!) to come for long-lasting impact!” (A.P. Wellesley, MA)

“Incredible experience. Paul is a true professional who genuinely listens and cares about the well being of his clients. This was a life changing experience, highly HIGHLY recommended. Do it for yourself, you deserve it.” (J.T. Woburn, MA)

“I wanted to start off this email by saying thank you. Going to hypnotherapy I never expected the results I received, and never expected the free feeling I would have now. My emetophobia is probably 85% gone, and it has absolutely changed my life.” (A.C.  Duxbury, MA)

“I can say without doubt that you are a genius. The part of the session with the elevator was inspiring, and will allow me the flexibility to examine and adjust my feelings as they evolve over time, leading me to self-examination and awareness. It flowed naturally. Also, the music was well chosen. The musical tension matched the subject in a very timely fashion. I especially appreciate the part about self-reliance going forward. I am very satisfied, thank-you sincerely for your efforts.” (C.J. Arlington, MA)

“Thought you’d like an update about my cruise to Alaska. It was fantastic! I had such a great time with family, trying different things etc. Even the cookout party for my sister and 3rd-4th of July Booth went anxiety free. I wasn’t at all seasick! We went to dress up night in a very expensive restaurant on ship and we lingered after dinner no problem! I asked my daughters how they thought I did and they said they were very surprised I wasn’t seasick and went to every show in the theater and meals etc. Then I told them about your sessions. They were very impressed. You may have future clients lol. I will continue to listen to the tapes as often as I can to continue my progress to where I want to be.” (D.K. Chelmsford, MA)

“I had 3 sessions to help with my anxiety during the swim portion of Triathlons. This has plagued me for 3 years in every race I’ve competed in. I’ve read all the the magazine article I could find and tried all the tips and advice on how to deal with it but still had the same issues in every race. I’m happy to say I completed my first triathlon yesterday morning since our sessions with no issues at all. A thousand pound cinder block has been lifted off my back. Paul was a master at finding out what makes me tick and with his calm caring way he customized my sessions to match me! THANK YOU Paul for helping me with this!!!” (B.M. Sudbury, MA)

“February 4th I was invited to a BNI meeting.  Guests were asked to get up and speak for about a minute about themselves. I got up and spoke briefly. Then a woman told me that she was surprised how comfortable I seemed in front of the large group. This hypnosis works! Thanks.” (K.L. Malden, MA)

“I feel like a different person. I enjoy my life much more now because the anxiety doesn’t get in the way. I feel hopeful about the future! Rich’s life is much better because he no longer sees me suffering every day.” (M.O. North Eastern, MA)

“I have had unexplained but very painful eye pain for over 4 years and have tried practically every modality and nothing was helping.  The hypnosis is the first thing I’ve tried that is actually helping.  What’s interesting is that I thought my eye pain was the first thing that would go away, but it was just a symptom of a larger problem, which was an inability to handle stress and set clear boundaries. I’ve noticed the difference in my ability to handle my life, and other people have as well.  As for the eye pain– it’s gone from hurting all the time to more variable and I’m more aware now of what exacerbates it.  I do believe that listening to my MP3’s 2x per day for the next few months will allow it to finally go away.  Paul is friendly, safe, affordable and cares about people. I highly recommend Burlington Hypnosis.” (M.S. Brookline, MA)

“I passed! The 1st time I scored a 77 and the 2nd an 83. To pass I needed an 85. This time I scored 105 on the exam. I want to thank you so much and credit this score to your work. I did my tape in the car at the testing center, and could not have felt calmer during the exam. Thank you again for all of your help! I could not have addressed my test anxiety without your assistance, and I am so happy to head into the bar with this new sense of testing confidence.” (L.D. Reading, MA)

“Paul, you are a miracle worker!! Since we left your office a week ago, 10 yo Emily has been sleeping through the night in her own bed. She listens to the CD every night and goes right to sleep. She has even been waking up in the middle of the night, goes to the bathroom, and goes right back to sleep. It is heaven! I am so proud of her and the work she has done. I can’t thank you enough for guiding her through this. Thanks again!!” (L.P. Burlington, MA)

“I am in Florida for the winter and wanted to let you know that I had the best flight in years. It was a lot better than the flight to N. Carolina in October. I listened to your CD’s many times during the Fall before the flight and also brought a book to read. It has made me feel like I may be able to conquer this phobia I have. My next flight back will not be until mid-April.” (R.S. Arlington, MA)

“I went to Paul before Christmas of 2013 when I thought I would like to stop drinking. I chose Paul because of his great background. He is very professional and I felt comfortable with him from the start. I came away from each session feeling tranquil, encouraged and very proud of my decision to see Paul. I stuck with the program and did not have a drink for 7 months and will not get into that habit again. I just hosted Thanksgiving dinner and we served beer, wine, etc. but I did not have a drink and I did not have a desire to do so. Thank you Paul for your help, advice, and confidence in me while guiding me through this program. I am amazed and thankful and would recommend your program to others as it will change their life.” (M.D. Medford, MA)

“I have the honor of calling Paul Gustafson one of my graduates. His integrity, compassion and high level of skill rings through in all he does. Since 2001 I have referred dozens of clients to Paul and they overwhelmingly report complete satisfaction with his services.” (Julie Griffin, BCH)

“Things are going great!  I’ve been listening to the sessions every night and as of this morning I’ve lost 21.2 pounds.  I’ve been exercising in some form (gym and yard work).  My first choice for foods are healthier ones, but even when I haven’t made the healthier choice, I find I just naturally eat less of it. I’ve been happy with a slow loss, 1-2 pounds a week, whereas in the past I would have been very disappointed and upset that is wasn’t coming off faster. I’ve been successful at only weighing myself once a week and have shifted my focus on how I feel and how my clothes feel.It all just feels natural. Food always had the upper hand in my life, giving the appearance of filling me both literally and emotionally, but then causing me regret and contempt for myself.  Now it feels like food is just a part of my life, something that is necessary to fuel me, not soothe me. Meeting with you was the best thing that I have ever done for myself.” (J.A. Peabody, MA)

“Paul is the most talented hypnotherapist I have ever heard…and I went to a convention of them! I only wish I had half of his talent and his wonderfully relaxing presentation ability.” (K.S. Bedford, MA)

“I’m feeling great, free of guilt and alcohol. I haven’t felt this great and confident in a very long time!! It’s been three weeks and not one hangover. I can totally feel my cravings decrease. There were a couple events this weekend where I truly didn’t want to drink. Amazing! Thank-you so much for your help! I will absolutely recommend you. I will continue to “push play once a day” and continue to feel great!” (T.M. Medford, MA)

“Paul responded quickly to my email and sent an intro video. His website info and video interviews with former clients was a great help. Paul is a warm, gentle person who loves his work and is extremely competent. All our sessions went well and he provided recordings for at home follow up. I am losing weight steadily and highly recommend his services for all facets of self improvement.” (D.P Reading, MA)

“The appointment was for Gastric-Band-Weight-Loss hypnotherapy. Paul was very helpful, friendly and knowledgeable. He went above and beyond in making sure you were comfortable with and understood everything that was going to happen.  He was very thorough. I thought he was excellent.” (J.T. West Roxbury, MA)

“I went to Paul for 3 hypnotherapy sessions to improve my career confidence. He gave me CDs of each session provided for further practice. Paul was very supportive, understanding and professional. He took great care to make his office extremely comfortable to help the relaxation process. His voice is perfectly suited for hypnosis. I was skeptical at first but now highly recommend this.” (M.H. Tewksbury, MA)

“All is fantastic. I am working for a medical device company, traveling to different operating rooms training surgeons how to use our equipment. Can you believe it? Me in an operating room while there’s an operation going on??? I definitely had my moment of fear but I just remembered what you taught me. I am able to do things now I wouldn’t even dream of doing at that point in my life. I owe it all to you! ” (M.C. Woburn, MA)

“I would urge anyone unhappy with their weight to give Paul’s gastric band hypnosis program a try. I am grateful for Paul’s treatment, and it has given me an option I would never have believed could change me. I mindlessly ate gigantic portions of unhealthy foods for many years, now I mindfully make better, healthier, tasty food choices and eat smaller portions without feeling at all deprived or unsatisfied. To me it is just amazing. I can’t wait to see me a few months from now. I have to say, my doctor was very impressed with my weight loss. I am too.” (D.S. Watertown, MA)

“Thought I would let you know of another success story…..1 month smoke-free as of July 19. I struggled for a couple weeks but continued to listen to the CD’s and woke up June 19th and started my new chapter smoke-free with no hesitation. Yeah! Still using the CD’s and self-hypnosis and panic attacks decreased also. Thanks for helping me on my journey, I am very happy with my decision to come to you for help. thanks again!!!” (P.G. Billerica, MA)

“Paul helped me relax and slow down the pace of my life so that I could more easily strive for fitness and healthier eating.  I’ve already lost 12 pounds and am on my way to more weight loss.  My calmer frame of mind has helped me at work and with friends and family.  I’m more selective about which “battles to pick” and let others know what’s important to me.  I’m putting my happiness first.  I’m more motivated to take charge of my life by using the tools I’ve learned.  I’m more at peace and less compulsive in my behavior.  I highly recommend hypnotherapy with Paul to anyone who compulsively eats or can’t sleep due to anxiety and the inability to relax.  The CD’s he provides are invaluable for the reinforcement of thoughts the subconscious needs for a guided path to happiness.” (J.C. Wilmington. MA)

“Thank you for the role you played in helping my son address his panic attack issues.  Over the past month, in addition to attending your sessions and listening to your tapes, he met with a therapist, completed five panic-attack books/tape/workbooks, and was prescribed short-term meds.  He now has the tools necessary – especially positive self-talk, relaxation breathing and visualization – to successfully address future panic attacks.  Please feel free to pass along this success story to future clients suffering from this same issue; it will provide hope.” (Anonymous Mom)

“I have been faithfully using the Smoke Free hypnosis cds and I am happy to report that I have not smoked! My husband is ecstatic and didn’t even know I had quit until yesterday, that’s how normal my mood remained. Thank you again. Your Smoke-Free program has changed my life, and perhaps even extended the quality and length of my life.” (P. D. Sun City Center, FL)

“I am writing to thank-you and to tell you I will not need the second session for smoking cessation. Thank you for getting me thru the hardest part of the kicking the smoking habit, pain free! I hope you continue to be successful in your endeavors and keep up the good work; you are making a difference in people’s lives.” (S. R. Belmont, MA)

“My hypnosis sessions were very effective with issues I wanted to correct but I ended up getting much more out of the sessions then expected. Your voice, choice of words are articulate, soothing, to the point and pleasant to listen to.  This is so different from the many relaxation and meditation CDs I have known. You offer an effective tool that can help a lot of people overcome various problems and  I highly recommend you to anyone who is struggling with a seemingly irresolvable issue.” (D.L. Waltham, MA)

“My nighttime eating started up again 2 months ago and recently I decided I didn’t want it to ruin what I had already overcome, so I pulled out my CD sessions with you.  What a difference. I even did some self hypnosis and it completely changed my mindset from a week ago. Knowing I can still make myself totally relaxed and free of anxieties is priceless! I just wanted to share and to wish you happy holidays.” (N. M. Woburn, MA)

“I am the lightest I have been in 15 years. Moderation is my key along with not over analyzing and over thinking! I appreciate all that you have done for me.” (Tim E. Woburn, MA)

“I now sleep better using self-hypnosis. I’m also back on a positive track with better concentration and enthusiasm. I feel stronger in achieving goals of better self-esteem and goal orientation. Also more acceptance of self-esteem and letting go of negative past. All of my sessions were very soothing and it was an uplifting experience.” (Joan R. Carlisle, MA)

“I was suffering from tinnitus – buzzing in the ears.  Before I saw Paul I had this awful buzzing every day.  Now, most days I don’t have any tinnitus, it is amazing! Hypnosis can be a life saver.  Why suffer? I have also successfully used hypnosis for smoking cessation and insomnia.” (Carol C. Chelmsford, MA)

“I had a very positive experience with Paul Gustafson’s IBS hypnosis program along with traditional treatment and found hypnosis was particularly effective in reducing IBS pain.” (I. H. Peabody, MA)

“Things are really clicking for me now. I’ve solidified my eating issues and stress reduction. I’m still practicing self-hypnosis and listening to the CDs and I’m no longer anxious or nervous about overeating. I’m so proud of how I’ve learned to change a bad habit and to relax more. My dominant thoughts are no longer focused on overeating; rather I’m reminded to relax and to recognize my successes. Thanks again.” (N. M. Woburn, MA)

“I was successful with my surgery.  I brought your cd’s in with me.  I am an anxious person by nature but I went into surgery relaxed, happy and even told a joke in the OR before my procedure.  I awoke with minimal to moderate pain and was walking in 2 hrs. Thanks for your skill.  You were extremely helpful in making this a better process than I had hoped for. “K. O.  Woburn, MA

“Paul, your work to me was 110%. I listen to my CD every night before bed. The next day I am very bright and focused. Pleasant surprises have occurred. I will keep in touch.” (N. C. Saugus, MA)

“Paul helped me more than any doctor or therapist that I’ve ever seen. I started smoking when I was 12. I smoked 2-3 packs a day, and never imagined that I would be able to stop. It took one session for me to completely stop with no discomfort, stress or weight gain. That was 2 years ago this month, and I still can’t believe how fortunate I was to have gone to someone with so much talent, caring, commitment and professionalism. I just can’t say enough.” (Kim S. Arlington, MA)

“I am gradually adding new foods to my diet and I have gained five pounds since I started with Paul and will continue to do so on a regular basis. Thank-you so much for your help and support.” (Constance S. Medford, MA)

“We couldn’t be happier, Keri’s IBS is doing great!” (Jeannine A. Woburn, MA)

“The free consult made me relaxed and ready for my sessions. Then I was pleasantly surprised with all the bases you covered to help me with my irritable bowel syndrome including anxiety, eating, relaxation and self-hypnosis. All so useful and needed.” (Barbara M. Burlington, MA)

“This was a very positive experience! My IBS symptoms have dissipated completely. I still enjoy listening to my cds and will continue to do so a few times a week.” (Joyce T. Marblehead, MA)

“This was such a rewarding day. It seemed to really all come together for me. Thank you for being such an important conduit! The benefits I have already received from my sessions have already been returned a thousand fold, I can’t even tell you. Many thanks!” (Heidi R. Watertown, MA)

“I am still smoke free and it was 9 months yesterday. This is great news. I’ve given your card to a few people. I just wanted to take the time and thank you again for your help. It is much appreciated. Talk to you soon.” (Bret F. Waltham, MA)

“Thank-you so much for a great experience! Not only have I quit smoking but the total relaxation is the dessert of the whole experience. When stressed I listen to your CD’s and totally relax.” (Alan S, Plymouth, MA)

“You have no idea how much you have improved not only Alan’s quality of life but our relationship as well!! His ‘bondage’ to smoking has been an on going contention for 17 years. My heart is glad and we feel blessed to have been led to you! A thousand thank-yous! Please add my name to the list of satisfied spouses!” (Kimberly S. Plymouth, MA)

“Wonderful! That sums up my entire experience. I was riddled with doubt and confusion and came away with a strong new sense of my inner strength. This spectacular technique helped me identify the sudden anxiety and fear that plagued me and numb myself to it. What an amazing angle to seek healing from and it really helped.” (Cherise G. Andover, MA)

“I was very nervous before taking the Massachusetts Bar exam. After listening to your cds I felt like I had a secret weapon. On the day of the exam the answers came to me without any distractions from anxiety or worry. On the second day fatigue and pressure were weighing on me, however minutes before that days exam I listened to the cd again and it put me in the proper mindset to complete the 12 hour exam. I am happy to report I that I passed the bar exam and appreciated the edge I received from Paul.” (Morgan H. Waltham, MA)

“I have been trying to give up caffeine for years, after working with Paul I did it quite easily, I am thrilled. Then I reduced my negativity at my job and one session worked miracles. Paul is fantastic!” (Lindsay L. Brookline, MA)

“I consider Paul to be one of the major contributors to my current success. Many issues I’ve struggled for years to overcome were addressed and eliminated upon completing a series of hypnosis sessions with Paul. Forget drugs or long term therapy, save yourself time, money and on-going frustration and give Paul a try. You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to improve your life.” (Jesse S. Stoneham, MA)

“Erin’s warts are completely healed! Even the skin around the bigger plantar ones has healed. I really don’t know how the two of you managed it but we are both so glad that it worked. It was a pleasure to work with you and I thank you SO much for your help. I would recommend you to anyone who had any need for hypnosis, you did a great job teaching Erin about her “inner magic!” (Jackie D. Framingham, MA)

“Thank-you so much for all of your help. You taught me so much. I feel so much better physically and mentally. I have already lost 26 pounds and still counting.” (Jennifer R. Wilmington, MA)

“Thank you for all your support during the past couple of months. You really helped me transition through a crisis time. At the time of my first visit, I was at a point where I was unable to get control of my emotions. Although I am still struggling due to various circumstances, there is no question that I am much better able to manage and take care of myself. And I believe this ability will continue to develop further as I practice the skills you have taught me.” (Gayle P. Wakefield, MA)

“I lost 16 pounds and feel great. I appreciated our time at the beginning of each session- the support and the listening, I really felt you were with me. There’s nothing I would change about my experience, keep up the good work!” (Mary C. Wakefield, MA)

“Originally I looked into hypnosis for weight loss and was surprised to learn how it also helped me calm and center myself, sleep better and tap into my own spirituality. Paul is a gifted practitioner who guides you gently and skillfully into this supportive method of taking control of your life. I am so thankful for your time, individual attention and expertise. I am losing weight too! God Bless You.” (Jean B. Topsfield, MA)

“My presentation went great! I really felt confident. I felt relaxed and when I woke up the morning of the presentation, I felt confident and good overall. I did everything you suggested in our session. I will continue to listen to the cd and put it into action. Thanks!” (Kim K. Boston, MA)

“I loved working with Paul! I need to do more personal work to reach my goals but Paul gave me a great foundation to work from- Thanks!” (Liz C. Denver, CO)

“This was such a great experience for me. I stopped smoking and would recommend Paul Gustafson to anyone who is ready to help themselves on the road to bettering oneself.” (Andrea D. Billerica, MA)

“I enjoyed the sessions very much and have tried to keep up with the tapes and self-trance. I particularly appreciated your candor and your enthusiasm for your craft. I certainly would recommend you to others.” (Don S. Bedford, MA)

“Working with Paul Gustafson was a wonderful experience. I reached my goals and I am delighted with the results. My world is a more positive place. I am living again and loving it. I am forever grateful.” (Ellen G. Stoughton, MA)

“My golf game is getting better. My shots are straighter and my score is 5% better than last year. Also, my Dr. said I was 209 lbs before and now I’m down to 180! Many thanks for all the help.” (Vernon G. Venice, FL)

“I would definitely recommend Paul Gustafson, I am exercising regularly now and losing weight!” (April R, Winthrop, MA)

“Thanks to you I haven’t had a cigarette in 21/2 months. When someone asks me if I want to go out for a smoke, I feel great reminding them I don’t smoke. I keep your cards in my wallet for those who really want to quit. Thank you for helping me quit” that awful habit.” (Glenn L. Boston, MA)

“I was a die hard smoker and tried everything to quit but nothing worked. Paul Gustafson was recommended to me so I decided to give him a try with yet another failure in mind. He talked to me for a while before I was hypnotized so he knew something about me and the correct direction to take. Today I am a non-smoker thanks to him!” (Deb L. Franklin MA)

“After struggling with my weight for years, you helped me make positive lifestyle changes. For the first time, I am exercising regularly, eating healthfully and I’m losing weight! I would recommend you to anyone who wants to make positive changes in their life.” (Christine G. Billerica, MA)

“My sadness is 100% better. My life is on a whole new track now. I’m better at my job, more playful with my kids and my wife and I are getting along better too thanks to you.” (Chad S. Boxboro, MA)

“My experience was very positive. I was facing surgery on my foot and was so scared of the anesthesia. It put so much anxiety in my life I had a hard time functioning. I had a close friend tell me about him and how he helped her so I gave him a try. Paul really brought me through. I found the strength that I would not have had without my sessions.” (Nancy G. Burlington, MA)

“I learned a lot about self-hypnosis and meditation from Paul. Learning to relax helps me to see things more clearly and rectify bad habits.” (Alan B, Dover, MA)

“After my first session with Paul, most of my sleeping difficulties were alleviated. Also, my fear of heights and flying has been totally resolved. I highly recommend him to anyone seeking to overcome any personal obstacles.” (Sue D. Boston, MA)

“Paul Gustafson gets an ‘A’ for the treatment of my back, arm and neck pain. I use my reinforcement tape a lot.” (Sandra C. Melrose, MA)

“I really enjoyed working with you. Stressful issues resolve easily with hypnosis especially working with a good practitioner. There’s a special energy working with you.” )Andrea K. Woburn, MA)

“Paul Gustafson did a great job of asking questions about my fear of public speaking and provided hypnosis related to the treatment. Paul is a genuinely sincere person who doesn’t provide a service just for the money but for the successful treatment. If you are a believer in the power of hypnotherapy then Paul Gustafson should be your choice.” (Bob E. Tewksbury, MA)

“My old habits and way of dealing with things were replaced quickly and compulsive eating became a non-issue for me. It was amazing! I can’t wait to come back for my prenatal sessions.” (Christine H. Medford, MA)

“I am very pleased with the results, I have no desire or withdrawals from cigarettes after seeing you.” (Bill S. Malden, MA)

“We never had an easier time quitting smoking. When we left your office we never had an urge to smoke again, thank-you.” (Tricia B, Woburn, MA)

“I can’t believe that I went into that hospital and had surgery after running away from surgeries and medical procedures for the past 19 years. I was able to do what I had to do. I’m so pleased I did this; it made such a big difference for me. Thank-you for you and your excellent method of reaching someone like me.” (Marilyn B. Tewksbury, MA)

“I have suffered from IBS for a year and a half and tried everything conventional medicine offered with little success. Though I started out skeptical of hypnotherapy, I was quickly proved wrong. After a few sessions with Paul Gustafson, I was able to eat more foods and finally felt well enough to start leaving the house again. I recommend Paul’s hypnotherapy for IBS and general stress management.” (K. D., Wakefield, MA)

“Thank you for helping me understand my own strength. Hypnosis helped me stop drinking and it helped me understand that alcohol had no control over me. I now know how to use self-hypnosis and it has helped me relax and find time for myself. Thank you so much, Paul!” (T.A. Woburn, MA)