I’ve always blended technology with hypnosis to maximize my client’s experience and the overall effect of my sessions. When its time for office sessions to begin, clients get comfortable on the leather love-seat/recliner in my office and put on a pair Bose noise cancelling headphones.

I also wear headphones as well as a headset microphone. My voice is mixed with soothing music and nature sounds originating from a 24 track digital workstation. Each hypnosis session has its own unique sound tapestry which I mix and blend while conducting the session. I wear headphones so I can hear exactly what the clients hear, making sure the sound perfectly supports the session.

An example of the benefit this approach offers is when I shift to new scenario designed to help clients relax more deeply. Shifting the music or introducing nature sounds at this moment enhances the client’s transition into much deeper relaxation. It also enhances the overall production value of the experience.

I have a wide variety of meditation music along with the sounds of the ocean surf, a country river, tropical birds, and even the sound of a gentle sun shower. My virtual gastric band clients, who are guided through imaginary surgery, even hear the sounds of the operating room equipment and the distant voice of the hospital intercom.

Most often clients are given prerecorded versions of the sessions we do live in the office for home reinforcement. These recordings have the same music arrangements as the in-office sessions have so there is continuity to their overall experience.

I offer a recording of each office session. Clients either receive access by email to the MP3s via Dropbox or I can also give them the session on a thumb drive. Listening to sessions daily at home ensures that desired goals are not only achieved but the results are long lasting.

I don’t believe there are too many hypnosis practitioners taking this unique approach but my clients really like it and benefit from it and I certainly enjoy setting it up and being able to offer it as a part of my many programs.

By: Paul Gustafson RN CH