You don’t need to be clinically depressed to experience symptoms of depression are sadness. Ongoing emotional stress, physical pain, or unresolved life challenges usually lead to depression-like symptoms sooner or later. Unfortunately the traditional response involves pharmaceuticals or even worse, self-medicating with alcohol or other drugs.

What further complicates the situation is that over time, with repetition, unproductive patterns of sadness, depression, or stress become rooted and automatic. The old cliche, we are creatures of habit, is very true. We can create automatic patterns of action, thought or emotion. Anything that is repeated frequently enough will become rooted in the hard drive, the subconscious mind.

Hypnosis is a great tool offering access to this powerful level of thought, enabling individuals to cathartically release and become free of unproductive patterns and establish new ones supporting healthy relief. My clients not only learn how hypnosis can offer immediate relief, but they also learn the benefit of hypnosis repetition, and how to establish relief that lasts.

By: Paul Gustafson RN CH