Hypnosis is a great tool supporting sobriety and healthy living. I help clients tap into the euphoric bliss of naturally occurring endorphin flow. Once individuals experience such profound relaxation, and incorporate it into their daily routine, most find it comfortably easy to maintain a substance-free lifestyle.

In addition to the feel good serenity of deep trance hypnosis, sessions include specific suggestions and imagery supporting healthy success. The subconscious then pulls in this new information and starts to piece together a new operating system of change. Listening to sessions routinely for a period of 2-3 months forms a foundation of healthy change.

We are creatures of habit, whatever we repeat, good or bad, becomes rooted in the hard drive, the subconscious mind. Hypnosis helps individuals to release unwanted patterns and plants new preferred alternatives. The transition to sobriety experienced with hypnosis is usually comfortable.

The process helps individuals feel as though they are ‘trading up’ to something better.If the individual has a legitimate desire to create healthy change; is open to be guided into hypnosis; and is consistent listening to sessions on their own; success is hard to avoid.

Most excessive drinkers initially have goals of moderation, being able to drink socially but that usually changes at some point through the process. Whatever they thought they got from alcoholis healthfully replaced by the meditative qualities of hypnosis.  Clients like the way they feel, they sleep better, have more energy and are happier. [more]

By: Paul Gustafson RN CH