While  James Braid was making quantum leaps with hypnosis, another Scottish doctor, Dr. James Esdaile, was experimenting and gaining permanent recognition in the history of hypnosis. Stationed in  Hoogly, India, James Esdaile used hypnosis in surgery with astounding  results; and even today many would say that Dr. Esdaile’s work with  applied hypnosis almost borders on the fantastic.

James Esdaile  submitted reports at the end of 1846 indicating that Dr. Esdaile had  performed several thousand minor operations and about 300 major  ones, including 19 amputations, all painlessly.

Due mostly to  the removal of post-operative shock through hypnosis, James Esdaile cut the  50% mortality rate of that time down to less than 8%! (One book  even reported less than 5%.) The Medical Association actually  accepted Esdaile’s report, and Dr. Esdaile was assigned to the Calcutta  hospital to continue “mesmeristic” operations. (more)

By: Paul Gustafson